The tranSMART Foundation

What if... scientists working at every university, non-profit research organization, pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in the world could share their pre-competitive clinical and molecular biology data – working together to turn scientific discoveries into medical breakthroughs?

It would be a major step forward – a way to fulfill the promise of translational research and help speed promising discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic.

Translational research requires massive amounts of high-quality research data. But, too often, the data scientists need most is inaccessible or archived in a format that makes it unusable to them. The ability to mine pre-competitive data from one global database is still a dream.

The problem is bigger than any one organization, institution or corporation can solve on its own. What’s needed is a global knowledge base built by and for the translational research community – a repository of open-access, open-source data designed to enable collaboration across disciplines, specialties and geography.

This is the vision of the tranSMART Foundation.

Demo and learn more about tranSMART Version 1.2

Demo and Download tranSMART Version 1.1